1. TheMadDabber

    Completed Themaddabber's Hempy Bucket Bathtub Grow 2017

    Welcome all to my second grow and first grow journal! After months of research and refreshing my knowledge of growing cannabis it is almost time to begin! I am just currently waiting for my strawberry kush seeds to arrive from ILGM, but am expecting them to arrive sometime this week *fingers...
  2. R

    Kush-O-Matic 1st grow - Soil, 400w HPS, Sweet flowering pics!

    Here are some pics of my ladies in flower. Looking ok for my first ever ghetto set up grow. I have a journal 420 Magazine ®
  3. R

    Completed Kush-O-Matic 1st Grow - Ghetto Setup!

    So, I recently started smoking more regularly and the bits I buy are inconsistent to say the least. For the most part they are fine but its not as on demand as Id like. Nature of the beast i guess. About a month ago I decided to have a crack at growing some stock, for personal use only...
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