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    Sammysnake's Grow V2.0

    Had trouble attracting very many followers the first time, hopefully some more peeps drop by.. :) Hello everyone! Made it through my first grow just barely, but managed to pull out a good 500g from 3 NL autos. Hope to take what I've learned from my first grow and apply it to v2. Here are...
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    Any Bato/Dutch bucket users out there?

    e.g. For some reason this method seems to be very rare around these parts. Does anyone have any experience running this kind of setup? Here is my grow diary if you want to follow along
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    Bato/Dutch Bucket - 1st Time Grow

    Hello everyone! Not too long ago I received my paperwork from Canadian gov't to legally grow my own cannabis at home, I am mostly a straight shooter and didn't want to risk anything by doing anything illegal. Since my teenage years I always was super fascinated with cannabis and dreamed of...