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  1. Z

    Blackout coming up - Possible to run T5 off battery?

    Hi all, currently germinating some seeds in rockwool cubes, the first few have sprouted today so I have them in the prop under a maxibright 48w t5 light. The thing is, I have a 3hr blackout gona happen on tuesday in 5 days time for a new meter installing. This is gonna happen right in the middle...
  2. Doc Bud

    The Kind Pen's CBDiscreet - Review By Doc Bud

    What a treat it is has been to use this little gem of an e-liquid/oil pen for the last 2 weeks. It's not the only one I own, not at all. I have several pens using the 510 thread pattern and even some with a 650mAh battery. Who doesn't these days? The fact that the CBDiscreet is compatible with...
  3. J

    Battery Backup for MH or HPS lights

    We have moments of no electricity and that throws everything out of whack. Have to reset all the clocks but the worst is having to worry about the lights. I am wondering if a standard UPS battery backup would work for a 400 or 1000 watt MH or HPS light. Being momentary, I would imagine it...