bc entities field kit

  1. S

    BC Entities Field Kit 2016

    Hi everyone! I wanted to post my experience in case anyone else out there is sick to their stomach with doubt, like I was. I went on Amazon and purchased Upass at a very cheap price, but I was overcome with doubt because it seemed like it had TOO many good reviews, then some recent ones who had...
  2. J

    Test @ Concentra sent to Quest Diagnostics used BC Entities Field Kit

    Took a test using BC Field Entities Kit batch made 01/15/14. Took the test at Concentra in Wisco 2 days ago. They told me all testing is done at the lab now. Maybe because of the CMC-10 panel standard screen. Looks like the lab is Quest Diagnostics with address in Kansas. Temp was perfect no...
  3. YesKa

    BC Entities Field Kit

    Ok, so I have to take a rapid urine drug test tomorrow morning. This is my second go and I get no more chances. I bought the field kit yesterday for my drug test today, well I thought id have at least a time frame to take my test...wrong, I had to go an hour after I started work, I was freakin...
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