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    Capt.DurtBag's 1st - Triple Threat Indoor R.O.L.S Grow - 400W MH/HPS - LED Finisher

    Welcome to my second grow journal here on 420magazine.com, I am trying out a new and much praised method of marijuana cultivation, I became obsessed with trying this after reading an article in High Times. This is all new to me so any advice, criticism or any help what so ever is greatly...
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    First Grow - Insane Results - 1 plant 400 W MH/HPS - BC God Bud clones!

    I want to make this as simple to follow as possible so read this intro to understand what's going on. Thank you. Hey guys first off let me introduce myself since this is my first post ever. I am your average stoner who's growing weed legally. This is my first grow and the reason why I made a...
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    Organic Grow - BC God Bud - Gods Gift - Blackberry Kush

    Welcome :420: community!!! Just to start off!!! I would like to acknowledge and give a big THANKS to :MoreNutes:BLUE PLANET NUTRIENTS:MoreNutes: for the Farmer's Pride line!!! BPN donated the nutes for this Journal!!! So there will be detailed information on them, and please feel free to ask...
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