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bc northern lights

  1. Greenthumb J

    My Very First Grow! DWC - Stealth Grow Box - 4 Strains

    Hey Everyone, and :welcome: to my very first Grow/Grow journal. I am growing 4 strains currently. 6 Malawi gold (Malberry Seeds, non-fem), 4 White Rhino, 3 White Widow and 1 Great White Shark, the last 3 all being Greenhouse seeds, feminized. 14 Plants total. My growing setup is as...
  2. M

    BC Northern Lights Producer Help

    Hello All, This is my first Hydro grow and my second overall grow so still very new but learning. I have purchased the BC Northern Light Producer which is basically a DWC system with auto top feeding. I have switched my small plants over to my machine and it appears that all my plants at the...
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