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  1. S

    BCNL Bloombox Hydro White Widow 2017

    Hello I'm very new to this i have a bloombox from bcnl I'm growing white widow the mother is 3 months old tried cloning for the first time using the power cloner i got with the box but took 18 days to see any roots had to leave for a few days and they died pump was full of slime temps got to hot...
  2. KhazidHea

    Another BCNL Bloombox Journal 2013/2014

    Hello Everyone, New 420Mag member, I dig the mission statement btw, 1st post in the forums, may I say nice to meet you all, ahead of time. :) My its been a while since I have found a desire to be active on any type of forum, how exciting! I am expecting my bloombox arrival inside the week...
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