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  1. T

    Hello - I'm new here and soon to be new grower

    Hello all. So the title says it all. Tired of the trouble and cost for my meds so going to grow my own. I plan on using a BCNL Bloombox. Wish I could have a full grow room but not at this time. Also plan on using White Widow auto from Crop King for my first grow. I have zero experience in...
  2. T

    Hiding large grow box

    Hello guys, new here. I have a question I would like some ideas on. I am getting a very good deal on one. So my question is. The box is 54" x 51" as the guy tells me. I don't find them very stealth like, I would like to hide it. So I was thinking about using a hollowed out cabinet/dresser but I...
  3. W

    First BloomBox Grow

    Hey guys... I've been quietly creeping on the site and decided to post some pictures of my setup.. I didn't take pictures everyday but ill try to keep you guys filled in as much as possible...
  4. MissBud

    MissBud and Her K-Train

    Hello again 420!!:cheer2::circle-of-love::circle-of-love::adore::high-five: This is my second grow, the first one would not have been possible without all of your guys and gals help:adore: well...here goes round 2!!!:high-five::cheer2::Love: What strain is it? K-Train (OG kush X Trainwreck)...
  5. o2much4me

    Looking for a used BloomBox Is this a good deal?

    I know where there is a BloomBox for sale used $2199 & still under warranty too. It is in DFW TX though on craigslist. looks pretty good even has a snap on decal & looks like a tool box. Says T5 upgrade & a co2 tank... Is this a good deal & worth the drive to DFW TX ? wonder what shipping would...
  6. N

    Germinating seeds

    Just wondering how I should germinate my seeds. I am a new grower. I am going to use a BCNL Producer. It arrived yesterday so I need help starting my seeds. They will be going into rockwool after germination. The type of seeds is Master Kush.
  7. N

    New Grower Using a BCNL Producer

    So this is my first time ever growing anything! I purchased a BCNL Producer and am setting it up tonight/ tomorrow. I am going to grow Master Kush because of what I read in here, that plant is very forgiving to the newbies! I have read alot of peoples journals and hopefully I get the same help...
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