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  1. Ron Strider

    New Knick Rips 'Liar' Stephen A. Smith Over Weed Accusation

    Just days after Michael Beasley said if the Knicks keep fading star Carmelo Anthony, they can comfortably make the playoffs with "four" players who can score 25 points per game, ESPN beef-stirrer Stephen A. Smith dissected Beasley's overly optimistic comments by suggesting Beasley is smoking...
  2. K

    FL: Pensacola Doctor Seeing Patients Looking For Medical Marijuana Treatment

    Pensacola , Fla. – A local doctor is the first in Pensacola to accept new patients and prescribe medical marijuana for their conditions. Dr. Michelle Beasley has over 100 patients at her clinic, Medical Cannabis Clinic of Florida on Scenic Highway, but only a handful are currently being...