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    Abandoned Beateo's Winter 2015 Multi-Strain Indoor CFL Grow in Soil

    Here are the strains I have on deck for this pending journal: 1. Vision Seeds: AK-49 Autoflower (3) 2. World of Seeds: Amnesia Fem. (2) 3. Delicious: Critical Super Silver Haze Fem. (3) 4. Sleestack Skunk Reg. (2) The Sleestack Skunk & Haze were strains from my first grow. I was...
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    Completed Beateo's - Soil - Lemon Kush Feminized - 2014 - 1st Attempt

    Strain is mostly Indica, not sure of %? Seeds are on the way! I'm planting only 4 to get started They will be grown indoor in a 12'X 12' dedicated room I'll be using a soil mix to be determined soon Starting in small liter containers then will transplant into 5 gal. For lighting I have...
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