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    Curly 24-48 hr dark period about to go down headband aka sour kush
  2. Billyberu


    Got my Garden Ready, do you have to pay to upload pictures I have some beautiful Young ladies
  3. D

    Hey Everyone D3vilRid3r Here!

    My Name is Joe AKA D3vilRid3r, don't feel comfortable giving my last name online even though everything on my end is legit, i still would like to keep my life somewhat private. Im not new to these forums, a few years ago i did a grow journal in Orlando Florida but ditched the grow because i...
  4. maillady929

    Marijuana as an ornamental plant

    i'm just astounded:circle-of-love: at the beauty of the actual plant and flower itself even without it's wonderful side benefits. what do you think are some of the most beautiful strains out there? I'm looking for something amazing and eyecatching for my next grow:thanks:
  5. Atrain

    Autoflower Trichomes and Frosty Buds

    What's up guys... let's see those macro shots of your autoflowers or beautiful buds covered in frost.... here's a few from my collection...
  6. N

    Organic Bud Porn N.W.Green Style

    My journals never seem to be very informative they always just seemed to be filled with pretty pictures so i think its time to devote some space to my other passion photography This is from a recent Blueberry i did. my buddy planted a few seeds and gave me this one when it was little...
  7. hapgrowy

    Beautiful Landscape or Portrait?

    which one do you think?....i need everyone to vote cause its gunna be for a blind contour drawing... moderator can you add a poll so i can see the results... portrait or landscape.... just look at the plants, all three stages together... here they are... landscape of course Portrait...
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