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  1. Fab Ink

    Mysterious As Batman - First Time Grower

    Everyone thinks Batman was mysterious, and he was often seen in plain sight...well this is my first grow and the seeds I am using are a mystery strain. I was on a road trip from Washington State and drove all the way to the East coast. During our travels, we stayed at a dear friends in Ohio for...
  2. M

    MWJ420 DWC - Blueberry Auto - AK-47 Xtrm - Carmelicious - 2017

    My current grow is my first Hydro experience. I consider myself somewhat educated but only enough to begin learning hands on. Due to cost most of everything is DIY. Any advice is welcome. I consider all criticism constructive criticism. So please feel free to correct me on even the smallest...
  3. E

    Beyonce - Somas Somari Crossed With DNA Genetics - Holy Grail Kush

    3 week veg in black gold seed starter.in 5x5 white plastic container. Transplanted to 7x7 white plastic container using roots organic soil.made some super soil mix,and placed some on the very bottom of container.just began LST 2 days ago,it really makes a difference,no super cropping yet,soon...
  4. M

    Deficiency in blooming stage

    Is this a magnesium or sulphur deficiency? My ph was stable in veg until a couple of week into bloom the ph began to drop from 5.7 to 5.3 every day....so im using a recirculating dwc with aeroponic spray.