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  1. J

    Day 14: My plant stopped growing + drooping leaves

    Hi guys, To start with I need to point out that I'm from Europe and english is not my native language - if something is not clear let me know and I will try to give more details. Firstly, I must admit that prior to this I only had some experience with growing tomatoes but this year I would...
  2. V

    How are my seedlings doing?

    Hello guys!! First time grow here. My seedlings are 4 days old, I'm growing diesel, gorilla and northern light autos. As this is my first grow I have no clue if I'm doing correctly :confused: Any input, advice would be much appreciated. By what I can tell, they're doing fine although I'm a...
  3. M

    Outdoor DWC system

    Hi! I’m an hydroponic’s beginner who try his first experiment in this fascinating cultivation. I created a simple DWC system consisting of: - 5 litre water tank; - 3 hydroponics pots; - 1 air pump; I chose 3 different plants: wheat, greek basil (the one in the middle) and genovese basil. The...
  4. F

    How many plants for my room?

    Hi, I'm totally new to growing and I've started from scratch about 2 weeks ago. My room is almost 100% set up with all the best material I could afford. For now that is. I'm wondering how many plants can I ultimately grow in my room given the material I have: My room is 13' x 10' (x 7'...
  5. W

    Comment. First grow

    Tell me what you think. First grow. Unaware of strain.Is it mainly Indica or Stavia?
  6. Narcissus

    New member searching for the insights of an experienced grower!

    Hi my name's "Narcissus" & it's a pleasure to meet all of you. I just joined this community because I've just begun my first grow (2 Dutch Passion Blueberry, 2 EZ-Ryder, 1 Auto-Flowering Critical Jack, & 1 Blue Widow/Venom). My Setup: I'm using 2-105w CFL's (full spectrum - 5500 lumens) &...
  7. M

    420's Mr.All Green's NL hydro,soil combo

    first off let me say welcome to my experiment. now thats out the way .let me explain whats going on. were to start plain and simple i have a combo grow going hydro and soil it basically a dwc with soil as median.oh yea the details im growing in a old dresser with a 100w mh light an old air...
  8. K

    I have the space, Please help me decide on a method

    I have a space that is approximately 10'x8'x7' high and I am having difficulty deciding which of the multiple methods of cultivating our favorite plant I am going to use. Let me tell you about my circumstances and my hopes for the system. I am a new grower who has spent hundreds of hours...
  9. E

    Help with lighting and Grow room setup

    Hey there, I'm getting ready to start my first grow (Woot!) and I had a couple of questions about lighting. I have been having a HELLA huge trouble finding a good lighting setup. Originally I was going to use CFLs and grow in my closet but when I couldn't find any 6500k cfls I decided to move...
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