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    Blue Dream flowering outdoors - Feels like it's behind

    I have a blue dream i planted in April been outdoors all it's life max temp it's ever had is 92* but in veg stage, it's been flowering about 6-7 weeks and seems like it's behind you can see tricones all over and seems getting thicker but very very slowly
  2. J

    Please help not sure if I should transplant or not

    I'm currently growing OG Kush and Great White Shark. The GWS is falling way behind, budding very slowly compared to the OG. She's 4 days behind and only topped once but I still think there's something going on because shes so far behind. Leaves are showing a ton of weird symptoms too...
  3. A

    Can anyone diagnose this?

    Woke up this morning and my plant has gone from perfectly healthy to quite wilted? The bottom brown leaves were from an over watering incident weeks ago but has seen been really potted and recovered. It's sister behind is doing perfect, with the same routine treatment ad the now poorly one