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  1. T

    Veg problem

    Hi guys, i have a problem with 3 of my babies, they are all about a month old soon and all are showing signs of some sort of a deff pictures bellow : i believe it to be MG deff not sure tho and would like help thx!
  2. K

    AZ: Education Officials Announce Support For Marijuana Legalization

    Tucson — The campaign to legalize marijuana is announcing the support of education leaders. Several school board members across Arizona, including Sunnyside Unified School District's Buck Crouch have endorsed the campaign to vote yes on Proposition 205. "Never inhaled, never exhaled it,"...
  3. T

    When is she ready?

    In currently growing euphoria which I believe from researched is a 63 day flower. Growing in coca, ph 5.8, EC 1.5, switched to 12/12 on 21 April. Plant was showing signs of flower on may 2nd. Did have problems with humidity a couple of weeks back when it jumped to 80%!! But dehumidifer has...
  4. Bacondoggy

    Stupid questions and opinion on forum

    I always used my computer for forum search and posting. I am trying to use my cell phone (galaxy s6) it works but how do I post a picture? The easiest way with a phone? Do I need to find a site and upload the image somewhere else, and THEN send the url/link, or is there and easier/quicker way...
  5. S

    Another way of LST-ing - Wiring

    hi...recently i saw some bonsai makers and i discover that....everyone can use it different...maybe on branches...or from begin to make a huge plant...u will see and understand....i believe is a good idea...what u believe about that?
  6. H

    Which side of the seed?

    Which side of the seed does the tap root come out of, is it the pointed end? Or the volcano? I believe it is the pointed end.
  7. D


    Has any one tried the Octapot, check them out, soil and hydro hybrid. To pricey for me but if the principal works, I believe I could make my own version. :volcano-smiley:
  8. Ripples

    Soilless pH

    I'm using a soilless medium (B Cuzz' 70% peat 30% perlite) I really like this mix, it has worked well for me. With regards to the PH..... Where does this fall in? Not soil, not hydro? I have been running my PH at 6 +/- 0.2 On my 4th grow with no major problems yet! This time around I did...