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  1. BTzGrow

    Upgraded to a Black Diamond Perfect Sun Mini

    Hi all, new 420Mag forum member and first time indoor grower, so if I make any noob mistakes, please help and be constructive. I started my grow with a 22 Sun Blaze T5 light fixture. 2foot by 2 bulbs. Only read about 120PAR at a distance of about 5 inches. I was actually researching after...
  2. Z

    New Guy

    New here, I'm a mechanical engineering student and I have embarked on my first growing experience. I'd like to both share what I am learning as well as receive some criticism from the pros here. My thread is below feel free to take a look and give your 0.02! My First Grow!
  3. M

    Is it a male?

    Hi, Can anybody help me sex my plant? Is it indicates, in the pic below, that it is a she or a he (6th week)?
  4. P

    Lighting Controlled By Temperature Instead Of Timer?

    I've been trying to coordinate my light schedule to take advantage of the cooler parts of the day so as not to cook my plants. They are Auto Fems, so I'd like to give them as many bright hours light as possible the entire grow. Had an idea to use my (home-brewing) thermostatic controlled...
  5. D

    When will my 6 week plant start to show bud?

    Pictures below. About 6 weeks old