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  1. J

    Mixing my own soil: pH advice needed

    Hi guys and gals, so I have currently just made my own potting mix as I wanted to make a big amount for the tent and the garden for this years crops. my problem is with ph I made the mix with compost, perlite, a bit of coco and peat and added dolomite lime. when I tested the soil the ph was...
  2. G

    What's the difference between a sterile rez and a beneficial rez?

    hi guys, the question is in the title ^^ i think i'd prefer running a sterile res - sounds simpler - but i'm not really sure of which nutrients to buy as none of the labels refer to the solutions as sterile or beneficial. i've been looking at the advanced nutrients range but need some to...
  3. P

    Organic Soil

    Iam a 1st time grower need help with soil mix Made through 40 days of aerobic decomposition of Cocopeat mixed with following 1. Cow dung 2. Goat Manure 3. Ground nut cake 4. Pungam Cake 5. Neem cake 6. Wood Ash 7. Steamed Bone Meal 8. Beneficial microbes - Azospirillum, Phosphobacteria...
  4. S

    Fungus Gnats, Neem Meal and Beneficial Fungi

    I am growin in LOS and have a pretty huge gnat infestation. Ive let it dry right out a few times and re inoculated with mycorrhizae, put a inch thick layer of sand on top and also top dressed with diatomaceous earth but they just keep coming back. Ive heard a lot of people adding neem meal to...
  5. GrowGrowGrow

    Great White wtf

    I've been using Great White for a few months now and I can honestly say that I hate this product. As soon as I mix a scoop with my water, it all just falls to the bottom of my res. I try stirring it up and it just falls back to the bottom. It literally will not mix with water (at least for...
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