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  1. rct420

    New Grower Need Help

    I have these under a 240w shop light with built in leds . But i came home tonight and I checked the closet and the one plant was completely leaning and the top was bent facing the light . So I put it in soil and now it looks like this. Will it correct itself or should I do something ?
  2. T

    In Need Of Urgent Help!

    Hey Guys so I have some white widow x Big Bud baby's on the go, and I came to water them yesterday and for some reason it looks like somethings chewed the bottom of my main stem, its bent the plant and is killing a few leaves in the process, if anyone knows of a solution or can help get back to...
  3. OEF Vet 11B

    When to start bending

    Not sure if I'm in the correct general area or not but I am wondering if there is a guide on just bending plants? I'm looking for more info and pics on when they were bent and how they were bent. I read on one kf the threads i was able to find tbat it was too early to start at about 10 inches...