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berry bomb

  1. 196906ED-E810-45ED-9046-0FFE0FE3AE93.jpeg


    Clones in Z-Blurple
  2. FEB86F75-3781-49D0-B751-D3F9A0AF31BA.jpeg


    Scrog set up
  3. 67DE8F37-60C9-47D8-8776-86C6E98646D9.jpeg


    Berry bomb trainig for scrog
  4. Lady Vadalon

    Happy To Be Back Growing

    Start Date is December 30, 2015 What strain is it? Berry Bomb Autoand something else? Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis :cheer2:This is what is suppose to happen if I can do everything right. Plant Height: Medium (70-120cm) THC: High (15-20%) Yield: High (300-350g/m²) Indoor/Outdoor...
  5. Bombman

    Hello Everyone - Here is a few pics of my Berry Bomb

    Hi all , Here are my babes at harvest . This is my Berry Bomb also growing Purple Kush and THC Bomb but as you can see my harvest will take a while lol
  6. BluntMonkey

    Indoor Purple Widow - Bay Dream & Berry Bomb Grow - Pictures

    Greetings, BluntMonkey here swinging through to share & document my next grow. Ordered these from Herbie's Headshop, got the seeds within a week and they came with free Hawaiin Skunk Haze, Cotton Candy, and White Widow seeds. My Partner and I (who will join us on here shortly) plan on...