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    Timeout420's CFL PC Case Grow - 2015

    i just wanna say that i love the 420 fam and i am so excited to start my first grow and my first grow journal after stalking the forums for quite sometime now :3: . this is my first grow ever, using a corsair obsidian d900 pc case to grow 1 afghan kush ryder and 1 berry ryder both auto...
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    Automated RcDWC w/ Top Feed Aero - Auto Berry Ryder

    I have a Berry Ryder that went in the RCDWC a few days ago. I germinated on 12-31-12 Im gonna be updating with pics soon. I am using an ceramic SINGLE XL MicroPore Brand airstone. (BEST EVER MADE...seriously) It produces a very small micron bubble that supercharges your roots and plants...
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