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  1. llewop211

    Differences between HLG, ELG and LPC drivers?

    I have an 18"x18" area I plan build my first led light using 280mm EB series 3500K, at 350ma. Could someone explain the differences between the Mean Well LPC-100-350, HLG-60H-C350A, and the ELG-100-C350A drivers besides the HLG-60H-C350A being only 70watt. Would any of these work to power 8...
  2. H

    Growing problems

    Hi i decided to give it a try and grow my own weed they are planted in pots with garden soil and cow manure mixed together with a 400W led grow light can this be caused by the light being to close from the plants ? sorry lol i do not know much about it