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best led grow light

  1. Icemud

    Icemud LED Grow Featuring The All New Budmaster COB Technology - White Full Spectrum

    Hello and welcome all you Cannabis growers, smokers, tokers, enthusiasts, fans, followers and even gardeners :) If you are not familiar with me, I am Icemud and have been a member here at 420 Magazine since May of 2011, when I started my very first grow. I knew absolutely nothing at the time...
  2. D

    G8LED Offers 25% Discount For A Limited Time!

    :420: Dear 420Magazine forum members, For a limited time G8LED is offering 25% off to members who would like to keep an online grow journal and post pictures and videos of their grow, here at 420Magazine.com. To apply contact us with your 420 Magazine handle and links to any previous grow...
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