1. S


    My name is Shane and I'm a grower in western Colorado. I've been growing off and on since I was 15, so about 10 years. I have grown in the desert of Imperial valley, San Diego, Placerville and South Lake Tahoe California. I'm in my 40s now in Colorado. I've had much success with every grow but...
  2. Grandpa Tokin

    Grandpa Gets Oily! Everclear Extracts For Shatter Or Oil!

    Hello everyone! Grandpa’s making some killer oils and I want to share the process I go through. The goal with this particular batch is to get the best I can from the material I’m using. I’m in search of trichome heads and as little green (Chlorophyll) as possible. We want the Everclear to do...
  3. S

    Need to get some seeds

    But I live in a state that it's not exactly legal in yet, wonder where the best places for ordering seeds from, and which have the best stealth shipping methods?
  4. baxbax

    Best pH for calcium in coco coir

    I just have some calcium deficiency in coco I use ro water but add (24 drops of liquid contain 10 percent calcium and 2 percent mg) for 2 litre water , I add ph down to mix and bring it down to 5.9 and still have calcium deficiency , what is best ph for maximum calcium uptake in coco coir ...
  5. Cannabs

    Hey I search for seed

    seed with big yields very important.. and site will shiping worldwide super stealth.. i looking for 1kg-2kg per( Meter x Meter ) if not have something like that so the best one just put here the name of the seed.. :Namaste::Namaste:thank you guys
  6. B

    Best LED results

    I'm looking for the best led light for the money my budget itsnt but 600 dollars I have a 5×5×6 room I usually try to have about 6 to 10 plants in it and I want this led to be kicking out some light and with fullspectrum with IR and UV does any one have any ideas
  7. J

    Make stable feminized seeds?

    Hello I currently have 3 grow rooms - one room with 50 Kritical-K feminized plants from seed - second room with 50 Queen of Africa feminized plants from seed - and im confused on how to create feminized seeds - what is the best way to just select for example the best Kritical-K and use the...
  8. Gorilla Seeds

    Best Christmas Seed Gift Pack Plus Free Shipping on Gorilla Seeds!

    Visit Gorilla Seeds for the best Christmas Feminised Seed Gift Packs and Deals - Free Shipping limited time only! Cannabis Seeds direct from Gorilla Seeds & click on the Christmas banner from the homepage to find out more about our special freebies Happy Christmas! -Big G
  9. S

    This hermies?

    do you think this is hermie and if so best course of action? thanks guys......
  10. M

    120w LED on 5gal space bucket - Is it enough?

    Like the title say... with tight space & budget (for personal use), this is the best I can get using LED setting. any thought?
  11. T

    Best Strain

    What's the best strain for yeald? How many plants would you put in a 2.4m x 1.2 x1.8 meter tent under 2 x 600 watts lamps???
  12. D

    Best Coco? New Grower

    I just had a question regarding Coco coir and what is the best brand to use. I've came across a few different kinds and to me they all look the same basically so I want to know what's the best choice. Here's what I got questions on: CocoTek by General Hydroponics -CocoTek Premium Coir...
  13. T

    Time to harvest

    Hey, guys! So, my autoflowering plant (NYC Diesel) has started flowering on november 19 and I'll have to harvest on december 14. I know that it should flower for some more time but it won´t be possible. I was wondering, what could I do to speed up the flowering time so that I´ll have the best...
  14. 4

    Best way to make vape juice and supplies?

    hello. i am wanting to make vape pen tips. i was wondering if anyone knows the best way to make them, and the best place to get the tips. i have food grade pg and food grade vg. one guide i read said to use flower, and cover it with 190 proof alcohol and the pg and vg which takes like 2 weeks...
  15. S

    Best soil for grow

    Hi can anyone help me please I am In the UK and need some help with What soil to use for best results . My first grow. Many thanks Siggie.
  16. D

    Greek Red Sativa

    Just cropped, started with the trimming.My best smoke.....
  17. G

    What Is The Best Strawberry Auto?

    Am picking out a couple of fruity autos and wondered which are the best strawberry strains?
  18. K

    Looking for best advice

    Just got my 4x4 gorilla tent but still unsure on what light to get I'm stuck in between mars II 1200 or 1600... any advice on which one would be best or any others... thanks and keep it lit
  19. B

    Best hydroponic system for indoor?

    What is the best hydroponic system for a 4x4 tent and a 4x8 tent? Looking for the most-efficient system that produces the best quality possible ☺
  20. G

    Hello from Chile!

    I am from Colorado and I moved to Chile I am starting the 4th medical marijuana club/dispensary. I am now growing Auto Ultimate....
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