1. T

    Need best LED light solution for a 4x4

    Hey guys wanted to know which light would work best for a 4x4 flowering. I was thinking of going with MARS reflector 196 but I'm second guessing that it won't be enough for 8 pots.
  2. 420

    What Is The Best CBD Oil?

    With so much bunk CBD oil circulating, even some toxic stuff from China, we'd like to know what you believe are the top three CBD oils and why? :thanks:
  3. Z

    Hempy question about improving taste - Soiless Medium

    Hey, guys. Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum section. I tried finding a subcategory for HEMPY but found nothing and this is as close as I could get to it. So i'm starting a SOG with a variety of experiments - I have some starting in 1 gallon pots with soil, coco, and hydroton pebbles...
  4. R

    Best light for 5x5 tent

    I have a few runs under my belt but want to upgrade my grow area. I want to get a 5x5 tent but I am not sure what light to get. I think the 630 lec is a beautiful fixture and have seen it get good results - might be worth the investment what do you think? Anyother suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Apbeast87

    Lighting information

    Hey everyone, New member/grower here. I'm attempting to research information on different lighting systems right now, and everything is a bit murky and clouded. With different sources all pointing to different routes. I have an 8x8x7 grow area, with 4x8 going to need to be covered for...
  6. Ron Strider

    Outdated, Sagging Colorado Schools Get $300 Million Boost From Pot Sales, Other Taxes

    There is sadness about the eventual destruction of this community's school, parts of which were built 100 years ago. Many people in this town of 570, long past their teen years, still attend the annual homecoming dance in the school's gym and reminisce about old flames and football...
  7. Q

    Let's talk LEDs

    My next grow will be with LEDs and I'm looking for opinions on the best ones and general info about them all and any info welcome
  8. Brassico

    Best Light For 2x2 Area: Please Help!

    Best and cheapest led light for a 2x2 area i dont want it to blow up my house nor my eletric bill because i got hydroponic set and its already costing me alot i already have a 150 watt sun system hps light
  9. D

    New to forums

    I am a 32 year old father of 5 boys, and have had tourettes since puberty. I have recently begaun formal medication for it. After doing much research, I have come to the conclusion that CBD may be the best option for me. However, as I have been out of the 420 game for nearly 10 years, it is hard...
  10. Brassico

    Please help!

    hi i am very new to growing i have low budget i am looking for the best way to get big yields i got a hydroponic set with an hps light but it cost to much in the electric bill so i was thinking to switch to dirt i need a list of stuff i am going to need and what is the best strain for a beginner...
  11. D

    First time grower

    I'm new to growing and I am wondering if anyone could advise me on the best soil and fertilisers to use to help get the best results. Also if anyone knows any good seeds for first time growers it would be appreciated. Thanks, Jamie :thumb:
  12. S

    Best LED grow lights?

    What are the best LED grow lights to use for 50' X 75' space?
  13. M

    Best type of HID Reflector?

    Greetings, Looking for your opinions and experience. Is it better to run your bulb vertical or horizontal? (looking for even light distribution) What is the best type (style) of reflector to get even light in your opinion? Thanks and Cheers :thumb:
  14. M

    Best Hydro/Grow Store in QLD?

    Thanks guys.
  15. J

    Attention Socal outdoor growers - When is best time to plant clone outdoors?

    I have a couple clones (Gorilla Glue, OG, and SourD) that are 3 ft tall and would like to place them outside without having to use any form of supplemental lighting. I heard that if you don't time it right, they can go into flower, and then re-veg which would slow down whole process. Please only...
  16. C

    Licensed producers in Canada

    Can someone give some guidance to the best licensed producer in canada?
  17. M

    Finishing with MH Question

    For those of you who finish with a metal halide, when do you find it best to switch? Thanks.
  18. T

    CFLs or fluorescent tubes?

    Hi, I'm doing a stealth grow, and I've decided to use fluorescent tubes/CFLs due to the low heat output, high light output, and low cost. Since I am growing in a small space, obviously the most compact solution would be best, which points me towards fluorescent tubes instead of CFLs...
  19. H

    What's the best light I could get for veg?

    Hey fellow cannabis enthusiasts. I was wondering for my veg 2x4 tent what you would suggest for the very best light possible. Aiming for LED Thanks everyone!!
  20. B


    My buds are small, what's the best method ot get them beefier?
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