1. S

    Best Strain To Treat Epilepsy

    Like the title says: What's the best strain for epileptics? Anyone know? I'm guessing it would an indica of sorts since they calm me down :amen: instead of getting me up. If anyone has some answers please post it.
  2. B


    When is the best time to prune you plants
  3. Ripples

    Bud of the month?

    Making room for my new girls! What do you think? Not sure she is the best... Still working on them!
  4. C

    Will they get bigger and what to do to make sure my buds will be the best they can be

    I also have a lot of dying leaves at the bottom and brown tips
  5. cogreen

    Abandoned Grow 2.0 - Aurora Indica Feat - Pure Power Plant - LED - DWC - Mainline

    Greetings and welcome to my 2nd grow. I'm using the same setup as my first grow (please see link in my signature), but I've made the following modifications to my setup: - Cabinet vertical height increased by 24" -- the cab is now 6' tall. - Reconfigured ventilation; 4 active intakes and a...
  6. Ã

    Best choice of LED Mars II for grow space

    ive got 8 plants all in their own scrog that are 60cmx60cm in the same tent and im not sure if to go for 8 400w marsII or for 2 1600w marsII it works out a tinny bit cheaper for the 2 1600w lights but not sure whats best as with the 400w lights im my head i can get closer to the plants and...
  7. T

    Coco medium

    quick one, if i take the root ball out of my coco can i re-use the coco again, or is it best not to ? many thanks
  8. P

    New Member

    Just joined so I could do some meaningful Christmas Shopping LOL Need to determine who has the best seed and the best prices on lighting
  9. B


    Need some in put where is the best place to order seeds .
  10. N

    Gender swap and substitution

    So I'm looking for work and expecting to need to take a test sometime soon. Been looking around the forums here for the best detox drink or synthetic, but of course the best switch would be actual piss. My wife's is available to me, but I was wondering if anybody knows whether they'd notice...
  11. L

    Most efficient veg time or size before flip?

    Have mode a voting poll, lets get voting! I am trying to find out when its best to flip to 12/12 on photos. I have done a search and found many different answers which is confusing. Some of the answers I found are: It is best to veg for 4 weeks It is best to veg for 6 weeks It is best...
  12. D

    Winner of best schwag award!

    Lol haha today I went to go pick up but only had an extra 10 so this is what I got 1.4 g's of and it looks pretty good and tastes it to :yummy:
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