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    Dick23rk's Tent Grow: Blue Dream Auto, Mantis Nutrients, 2 x BestvaLED P1000

    Good day folks and welcome to my new grow tent. Some of you may already know me, for those that don't, I'm Dick, and it's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada and have been growing indoors for 5 or 6 years now. This is my first time growing in an actual grow tent, I...
  2. 20210501_095337.jpg


    Bestva Pro 1000 getting setup. I think this is close enough...
  3. 20210501_083000.jpg


    Official @420 Magazine Girl Scout Cookies by @Weed Seeds Express - Working on organizing and moving lights around. Light by @GrowTina (Bestva LED)
  4. 20210501_083000.jpg


    Need to get the lights situated better. Putting both of the Bestva (@GrowTina ) lights up front.
  5. 20210430_214552.jpg


    Bestva Pro 1000 hanger modifications. Factory hangers way too long.
  6. 20210430_222400.jpg


    Bestva Pro 1000 hanger modifications. Factory hangers way too long.
  7. copperrein

    Copperrein's Sponsored BESTVA LED & Homegrown Cannabis Co Triathlon Of Sativa

    Ohai there! Before I start my normal manic rambling, let me get the details out of the way: I'll be growing 3 plants in a homebrewed drip/kratky system. The system consists of three 5 gallon buckets from my old DWC set up. They hold 6" net pots in the lid and through the bottom I've set 2" PVC...
  8. 20210325_211953.jpg


    Bestva P1000 LED
  9. 20210325_210443.jpg


    Bestva P1000 LED
  10. 20210325_211910.jpg


    Bestva P1000 LED
  11. 20210325_210806.jpg


    Bestva P1000 LED
  12. 20210325_210730.jpg


    Bestva P1000 LED
  13. 20210325_210711.jpg


    Bestva P1000 LED
  14. 20210325_210631.jpg


    Bestva P1000 LED
  15. 20210325_210524.jpg


    Bestva P1000 LED
  16. farweed

    LED grow lights

    oh the ever ending debate of HPS vs LEd. Ive been using HPS in my main room but starting a different strain in a grow tent, wondering thoughts on best LED lights. Any thoughts or experience? Thanks!!
  17. H

    LED Advice

    Aloha guys! I’m currently running an led grow. I have 5 different panels at the moment: 1x galaxy hydro 300w 2x mars hydro 300w 1x 800w cob led 1x 800w Chinese cob led I need one more light to cover some flowering plants, and was considering the Bestva 1000w LED as a good option. I was just...
  18. BR greendoc

    Is this a good LED for my 2x2x5 tent?

    Hello everybody! Im new to the LED world. After some research I realized that I should have at least 40 actual watts per sq ft, but the best would be around 50. Is it right ? Therefore, for my 4 sq ft tent I should have a led that delivers 160 - 200 actual watts... I am a budget grower from...
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