1. bridgeofsighs

    Looking for recommendations

    I'd like to try autos again this summer. I'd prefer a Sativa dominant. What is a good sativa dominant auto strain? The faster finish the better. I've seen good things about Auto Mazar... :Namaste:
  2. C

    Best 4x4 grow tent under $800

    With taxes coming in this month, ive been wanting to buy a grow tent and begin growing. only problem is im not an experienced grower and i really dont want to mess up by buying the wrong thing for not knowing better. I would appreciate any help from someone who knows the way to go. Im interested...
  3. J

    Can I push TDS for better results in soil?

    Am I on the right track ? Quick story We run a sealed room CO2, light mover,1000 watt HPS in flower.The grow medium is homemade compost ,Earthworm castings,perlite,crab shells and a few other goodies.The plants are fed compost teas, and The Bio Canna line of nutes when we feel the need...
  4. M

    CBD oil or Hemp oil?

    I don't know the difference between the two.. Which one tastes better and has better medicinal qualities?
  5. D

    Best Coco? New Grower

    I just had a question regarding Coco coir and what is the best brand to use. I've came across a few different kinds and to me they all look the same basically so I want to know what's the best choice. Here's what I got questions on: CocoTek by General Hydroponics -CocoTek Premium Coir...
  6. D

    Abandoned DankBudsOnly's Perpetual Organic Indoor Garden

    Hi All, It has been a while since I last posted. Over the last few months I've gotten my setup put back together and have made it even better. More light, more air flow, better genetics, better understanding of compost teas, nutrients, soil, organic, veganics, etc... I've been having so...
  7. J

    Abandoned My First Ever Grow - 4 23W CFLs - Some Organic Soil With Manure & Organic Humus

    So this is my first grow ever I know my grow box isn't the best but I just wanted to see if I have a green thumb and I am on a budget. I got nature's care organic garden soil And earth grow organic humus and manure I have 4 23 watt Phillips cfls 6500k. My grow box is an extra bath tub...
  8. F


    Is it better to use 2 300 watt leds or one 600 watt led??
  9. Ron Strider

    Sun-Grown Cannabis Is Back, And It's Good

    How does a really good outdoor grow compare to a really good indoor? Sun-grown weed gets a bad rap, mostly because back in the day, all the outdoor weed was smuggled in from out of the country or grown by irresponsible rapscallions more interested in profit than growing good cannabis. Also...
  10. Jackalope

    Reworked Photos

    Still working on the pics. Tried cropping on a few and they came out a little better. Any comments Cannalope Haze Purple Betty Purple Betty
  11. C

    Hmm bad genetics? Which bank to go to?

    I recently had a grow...being an intermediate. I really noticed the difference between two different seed banks. I noticed at harvest one was tighter and smelled better than the second. I don't know if it was because the temp went up to 85 degrees or not. Do you get what you pay for? Are the...
  12. Brassico

    I'm New Help

    what one goes in first for the seedlings also is there any reason or will it make the buds better if i buy this :volcano-smiley: Please help Thanks for ur time
  13. improvise

    Blue Treacle Auto

    Hello all and happy 420 birthday. what better way to celebrate than this regards
  14. C

    Super tiny Autoflower White Widow

    Hello everybody. So this being my first grow it feels extra shitty to fail so tremendously. Either that or my first ever planted seed is a runt. Neither option makes me feel better. Anyway, my plant is currently at day 40 from the moment it was planted in the soil, and it is in an 8.5L pot...
  15. B

    Need design help and expertise for growing setup

    I will be allowed to grow up to 15 plants once the Federal Canadian government approves my license. I have about 3 months to figure out the design, get it all setup and functioning and then I can start popping some beans. I dont have an unlimited budget. Let's call it $1500. The location...
  16. D

    Scrog or no scrog

    Hello. I have decided to buy my first grow tent kit. I have the bay6 xl tent set up BAY6 XL Complete Kit - Grow Tents & Sheeting | GroWell Hydroponics and I am growing feminised Cindy 99 and a CBD zen strain to start. The plants are 3 weeks into flowering 12/12 and I gave, for better or worse...
  17. M

    Best nutes to use in coco?

    hey folks! got a indoor grow with 2 w.w photos in coco under 2 leds. was using g.h flora with cal/mag. they're growing pretty good but I'm almost out and have to buy more. i wonder if there are better nutes out their for coco? I'm a fairly new grower. what you experts using? thanks for any replies!
  18. Jackalope

    The art of the cure

    I have always started smoking when my plants are dry. I don't rush it and let each plant dry at its own rate. Not much humidity where I live so that makes it nice. The jars in the back row always seem to taste better. I am finally growing out a lot of the strains I have collected over time...
  19. U

    I want to replace my HIDs

    hello all! i'm currently running 2x600w mh/hps compo and looking give LEDs a change and been looking in to manufacturer. and so far my top choises are 2x Advanced led Diamond Series XML 350s 2x Budmaster OD-9s 2x California light works solarstorm 440s blackdog was there...
  20. M

    Best ballast to run 600MH and 1000HPS?

    Hello to everyone.. still a newbie here.. looking for some wisdom, I am looking for a ballast that can run a 600mh during veg and then a 1000hps during flower.. I was looking at the Apollo Purple Reighn, but I was curious if there's any other or better ballast options out there.. I have a 4×4...
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