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    Marijuana Drinks Not Causing A Buzz

    The success of cannabis edible products may be one of the surprises that occurred when marijuana was legalized. Unfortunately, the same hasn't happened for cannabis infused beverages. According to Headset Cannabis Intelligence, total sales of cannabis beverages in the marijuana market is a...
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    Earth Juice Nutes for DWC?

    Going to setup a DWC system here soon. I've done 1 grow in soil so far. Can I use EJ Nutes, or should I be using nutes specifically for DWC? Going to be using a 5 gallon Igloo Beverage Container for my res. Will this be large enough? I rather not invest in a chiller.
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    Tinley Beverage (C.TNY) CEO Outlines Massive Hemp Beverage Potential

    The hemp beverage world is pretty active right now - or at least it would appear that way from the outside. Though the marijuana space is quickly deregulating and legitimizing, and the health qualities of hemp are not in dispute, a lot of new companies have simply added hemp to existing sugary...
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    Naturally Splendid & Cocos Pure Beverage To Develop New Coconut/Hemp Products

    Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with The Cocos Pure Beverage Corp, to co-develop a unique product line of coconut based retail products infused with HempOmegaâ„¢. The first three (3) products lines to be developed are...
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    New York: County Business Park Owner Pivots After Plan For Medical Marijuana License

    The owner of a business park in Washington County is developing a new concept for the 12-acre space after losing a bid for a license to grow and distribute medical marijuana. Ted Berndt, owner of Washington County Agri-Business Park in Cambridge, about 36 miles north of Albany, found out in...