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    Help? Big Bang Auto 20 Days Old

    Hi there, I'm looking for some advice regarding all aspects of my grow. Tthis is my first grow and i'm growing a Big Band Auto feminized. She's now 20 days old, do u think she looks alright? I'm a complete novice so any advice would be appreciated. i'm growing in soil and only using...
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    Completed First Timer Autoflower With CFL's: Big Bang Auto & Bubble Gum Auto, 2017

    Hey everybody :welcome: So, not the first time growing, but hoping to be the first successfull one. I tried once but my roomate overdosed her on nutes and she died... so this time i'm planning all by myself. Got two Feminized Autoflower Seeds - 1 Big Bang Auto from GreenHouse Seeds - 1...
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    Completed First Time Grower - 400 Watt HPS-MH - Hybrid Hydroponics - Big Bang Auto Fem

    Hello and welcome, I will definitely give the time to try to fully explain my first experience, new growers may find this interesting and could learn from the many mistakes I am sure I will commit :rasta:. First of all let me tell you what is the goal of this project: I would like to produce...
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    Abandoned Ice Dream Big Bang Auto - White Widow and White Rhino

    Hello Tokers and Growers, Time to start a new journal on 3 x Ice Dream, 3 x Big Bang Autos, 2 x White Rhino and 1 x White Widow. They'll be grown in 3 liter Air Pots in Kilomix soil, using Canna Terra, Canna Rhiztonic and Atami Bloombastic grown in Secret Jardin with 2 x 120 watt LED...
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