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big bomb

  1. Few weeks from harvest.jpg

    Few weeks from harvest.jpg

  2. StartCure.jpg


    Starting the cure
  3. FCD74CD2-45D3-494C-B256-E315FEC39249.png


    Bomb seeds huge shout on my journal king headband thread
  4. 8C721F42-D3A6-4824-8C3F-E41522315902.jpeg


    Nug shot big bomb
  5. 1DF48629-D137-4B76-8944-48AAF8EB7A61.jpeg


    Big bomb hanging and cleaned
  6. E1E801CD-AFC5-4E20-A940-760D813A5608.jpeg


    These little buds are tight rock hard and come oozing with trichromes
  7. 16B45054-5662-4F27-8CFF-3F82F2D49C9F.jpeg


    Ain’t she beautiful big bomb ladies and gentleman by bomb seeds look them up 420 sponsor.
  8. 8F6051CB-3323-47C0-B2BF-D2EEC64C7EF1.jpeg


    Big bomb day 14/80 flowering
  9. 0F57E416-D0F9-4A1B-84C8-2B1E99D755F3.jpeg


    Big bomb 14/80
  10. 43CFC96F-3FE1-4EED-9F7C-0B2B3C1B5A10.jpeg


    Big bomb- bomb seeds week two flower or day 14 of 80 days they say
  11. 2percentmilk

    2percentmilk's 9 Strain Outdoor Garden 2018 - Reveg Potential

    This winter I'll be trying my hand at an indoor grow, I've 2 grows under my belt but only on outdoor plants so this should be interesting and a great learning experience anyway, here's what I'm running so far. Strains: 1x Trainwreck 1x Liberty Haze 1x Ayahuasca Purple 1x The Ultimate 1x Big...
  12. Don Logan

    Big Bomb - First Grow

    Long time reader, first time poster. And as it is, first time grower as well. A few months back I took a gamble with Bonza Seeds and purchased a 10 pack of Big Bomb, firstly because it was the cheapest (as I said, taking a gamble with international shipping, etc) and because it promoted the...
  13. R

    First Grow - Indoor Now - Outside & Inside Later

    Hello all I have often thought of growing because I have more friends that use weed than don't, but never really bothered trying because I didn't smoke myself. After a lot of research into the medical uses, pain relief etc, I have decided to try growing and seeing if I can grow something...
  14. xanten

    Big Bomb - CFL Lighting

    good day my fellow growers and weed enthusiasts i am growing 1 plant big bomb from bomb seeds it is a reg seed so i am not sure if it is fem or not ... i had 5 other seed 2 others where regs and 3 where fem but they all did not take i germinated all and planted all and none took in the soil till...
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