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  1. Skullman420

    The DeVille Presents - A Mars-Hydro Powerhouse - The Perpetual Grow

    INTRODUCTION Most of the equipment you see in this journal was given me as a prize from Mars-Hydro for winning the third Mars-Hydro cup in the category "Best grow journal" This applies to: 4 Mars Pro II epistar 80 4 grow bar 24 LED-120 1 grow tent 120x120x200cm 1 pair of LED grow light glasses...
  2. Skullman420

    Sensi seeds - Big-bud phenotypes

    A little note about Big-Bud pheno's I did a 10 plant grow with multiple strains, and I took clones of them all. Then I kept the clones from the best performing plants as mother-plants for future grows. I planted 3 big-bud seeds and I kept two of them as mothers for future grows. You see they...