big buds

  1. Bubbaman

    Ak47 beginning of week 7 flower

    These are my girls ak47 is the strain. Just starting week 7 of flower. Growing 4 ak47 plants just wanted to post some pics. Buds are nice and fat smells amazing. What do you guys think!? I’m still new to growing. This is about my 6th grow ever still lots to learn. Feed back would be great. Thanks !
  2. Kalashnikov


    She is always a Boss lady
  3. Bubbaman

    My week 8 Do Si Dos

    My week 8 flowering do si dos plant I have growing check it out
  4. Green Cush Monster Buds

    Green Cush Monster Buds

    Big tops
  5. Green thumb lou

    Big Buds

    She has a massive load of big buds
  6. Herbies Seeds

    Freebies! Female Seeds & Herbies Promo

    This Tuesday is special - just look what Female Seeds and we have got for you! FREEBIES! A special offer: - Buy 4 White Widow x Big Bud feminized seeds by Female seeds and get 1 for free - Buy 10 White Widow x Big Bud feminized seeds by Female seeds and get 2 for free Ready to start shopping...
  7. GreenProto

    Blue Dream, Purple Pheno, Beauty!

    First grow. Week 7, day 3 of flowering. What do you think?
  8. livetoskate81

    4 Kali Kush x Mendocino Purps & 2 Unknowns

    STRAIN - 4 Kali Kush x Mendocino Purps - 2 Unknown Seeds From a grower friend MEDIUM - Magic Dirt potting soil with Scotts Hyponex potting soil Mixed together ( I had 2 half bags of different soil so what the hell) :) NEUTREINTS - FF Trio - Grow Big , Big Bloom , Tiger Bloom , Episome...
  9. Lady Vadalon

    Why do we need to PH our gardens

    Not everyone finds it necessary to check PH and some growers get lucky and never have to check it. But PH is essential for plant health and growth. I do not fall into the category of lucky. So, here is part of my story.
  10. K

    Look what I made - What do you think? Week 7

    What a nice grow . These girls gave me no headaches everything went perfect from when i cloned them till today.Started flush trichomes still clear buds still swelling should be good to harvest in about 10 days.Increased the cold at dark to about 7-10c / 45-50F and got the purple in about 3...
  11. P

    Light of Jah Hyper Lapse

    This is my first grow. If you have any suggestions after looking at my pics that would be cool! There are 5 LOJ (light of jah) Plants growing in super soil w/ my own secret mix. I also set up a sick auto watering system. Check out the pics!... I also have taken a picture of the grow everyday...
  12. C

    First Timer with Urkel

    hello!! well i picked up a new hobby ever sense i saw my friends grow set up.. so i started practicing growing tomatoes from seed and they grew fast and big! i ask for a Urkel clone from a friend if i did some IT work for him.. i got the urkel in a red beer cup with some MG in it i...
  13. candyman2007

    Do they look done?

    Not sure what any of these are but came from a dank sak i got in VA so i am calling it Sweet VA if anyone knows better please feel free to let me know what it really is. i know it looks to be two different KINDS or two different pheno's of the same. some of the buds in the sak looked different...
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