big devil

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    Abandoned JustDrew's Mixed Strain Run: Brazil Amazonian, Pakistan Valley, Big Devil, Not Auto

    I'm an old school Seattle grower who ran hydro in the 90s who is learning to love dirt after all these years... Genetics aquired at Good Hope Hydroponics in Washington DC during one of their cloning clinics. 5x5x6.5 ft crappy ipower tent 24 incht-5HO Hagen GLO (these things have a fantastic...
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    New grower advice wanted

    Hello ppl I'm here to gain some valuable knowledge on growing.... I have 3 stealth hydro deep water culture sets. For lighting I have a 1000 watt MH/HPSdimmable digital ballast with 19" batwing reflector. I have a closet that is 2x4x8.... I will be growing Big Devil from Sweet Seeds....the dwc...
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