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  1. strawberry cake

    strawberry cake

  2. C

    How to grow no till style in 65-100 gallon Smart Pots

    OK first things first I've had about 3 years of indoor growing experience using coco coir and Botanicare nutrients. I build my own DIY cob lights and I have to say I'm a very good at what I do indoors. But I'm not very experienced with outdoor or organic growing and that has to change. I'm...
  3. J

    James' Big Plant - LST - Strawberry Amnesia Dinafem Seeds - Moby Dick Dinafem Seeds

    hello guys , my cicle dinafem seeds!:welcome: day 1 - day 30 veg.. temp:26° day - 18-20° night ur: 65% day - 70-72 night 1 week... ph: 6,5 ec:0,4 2 week.... ph :6,8 ec :0,6 3 week.... ph:6,8 ec: 0,8 4 week.... ph: 6,8 ec: 1 View image in gallery...
  4. J.Cervantes

    Jorge Cervantes Medical Marijuana Outdoors

    Check out the 10-pound plants in this video!
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