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  1. Mariguana


    Hi everyone, I’m Mariguana. My intro to these forums will be on my first outdoor grow. I’ve been on here for a few months but just now getting into introducing myself. As of this writing my outdoor unknown strain is approximately 12 feet in height and early flower. Primarily, I’m an indoor...
  2. DET—PDX

    Critical+ 2.0: Organic, Co2, Timber COBs

    Back again, transferred schools and moved out of Oregon, hence the hiatus. Anyway this is Dinafem’s critical + 2.0. Some brief tid bits about the set up: 5x5 Tent, 600w Timber RedWood COB LED 3000k for veg, adding 2 150w 1700k COB’s from Timber Grow lights in late veg thru flower. Evaporative...
  3. strawberry cake

    strawberry cake

  4. C

    How to grow no till style in 65-100 gallon Smart Pots

    OK first things first I've had about 3 years of indoor growing experience using coco coir and Botanicare nutrients. I build my own DIY cob lights and I have to say I'm a very good at what I do indoors. But I'm not very experienced with outdoor or organic growing and that has to change. I'm...
  5. Hyena Merica

    Hyena's Never-Ending Adventures In Growing

    PROJECT 23: HYDROPONIC HOMEMADE HYBRIDS - AMNESIA HAZE X BLUE DREAM Plus WIDOW X BLUE DREAM By Hyena Merica CHAPTER 1 WELCOME TO MY WORLD Hello everybody, my name is Hyena Merica and yes, I am. Let's have some fun together and grow some great cannabis! If you have read my first...
  6. J

    James' Big Plant - LST - Strawberry Amnesia Dinafem Seeds - Moby Dick Dinafem Seeds

    hello guys , my cicle dinafem seeds!:welcome: day 1 - day 30 veg.. temp:26° day - 18-20° night ur: 65% day - 70-72 night 1 week... ph: 6,5 ec:0,4 2 week.... ph :6,8 ec :0,6 3 week.... ph:6,8 ec: 0,8 4 week.... ph: 6,8 ec: 1 View image in gallery...
  7. J.Cervantes

    Jorge Cervantes Medical Marijuana Outdoors

    Check out the 10-pound plants in this video!
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