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    No ties needed, just some cannabis chiropractic’s
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    Big Bud Training (Under Side) Making some thick knuckles
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    Big Bud Training (After) This is a daily process
  4. Sätkis

    Mother Hunt 2020

    Strains: honey cream, super bud, critical +2.0, gorilla zkittlez and the legends, big bud and northern lights.
  5. X

    Abandoned First Grow - Big Bud Auto By Sensi Seeds

    Hi guys! :) I am a medical marijuana user and decided to give growing medicine myself a chance. I picked up three seeds of Sensi Seeds' Big Bud Autoflowering strain when I was in Amsterdam recently. They are already four weeks into their growing process so I can only journal from here on...
  6. P

    Abandoned First Proper Go In The Outdoors! - White Widow x Big Bud & Random Clone

    :welcome:, Just started my first proper outdoor grow! I have previously grown some 3ft plants that yielded around 2oz's from bag seed outdoors but know a lot better is possible. Im hoping people could offer me some assistance on a few different things as I don't quite have this soil thing worked...
  7. B

    What is going wrong?

    Hey guys, I could do with some help identifying this problem and hopefully someone could suggest a solution please? This is my second time growing so I'm still a noob at all this, didn't have many problems last time except a horrible case of nutrient burn (a mistake I'll never make again!)...
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