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  1. B


    I use 2 gallonpots and i was wondering if bigger pots would help my yields
  2. C

    Is it good to trim my plant during veg?

    I am about 3.5 weeks into and plan on running another 2 weeks I been thinking of trimming the bigger fan leaves and letting the main shoots grow out will it help grow the main shoots bigger or stun the plant?
  3. B


    Are my seedlings looking healthy? Anything else I could change? Any help would be appreciated. Will all be transferred to my tent and bigger lights when all the seeds have sprouted that are going too
  4. ResinSaurusRex

    My successful monstercrop

    Meet Laqueefa, the cloned sister bitch of my old Jack Herer. She's straight up nasty but smells so delicious of grapefruit, grape bubble yum, and straight up Iraqi IED fuel truck bomb. I think she will keep getting bigger like the ghetto hood queen she is the more free food she keeps...
  5. Jackalope

    Canalope Haze

    First try of my DNA Canalope Haze this morning after coffee. Hell yeah I like this stuff. Great haze taste and spell. I have the energy to do stuff but I keep forgetting what I was doing. :thumb: Still needs time for the bigger buds to dry and a little cure time and I will do a total strain...
  6. J

    Transplanting jiffy to a bigger pot

    Hello, I started a seedling inside a jiffy. It's already 5 days and the first leafs came out. It's 1 cm tall and I saw that a little root is sprouting out of the bottom of the jiffy. In which height I have to transplant it to a bigger pot? Does the jiffy needs to sprout more than one root...
  7. A

    Auto flower info

    can anyone give me an average age in days a white widow autoflower from start to finish. I have 5 growing right now that are 65 days with no trichomes showingyet.have some other plants getting bigger an gowing to run out of room. curious on how much longer they may go
  8. H

    Help identifying! I mixed an auto with a feminized plant

    I have a feminized white widow x bubblegum and a auto amnesia haze The only difference between them is that one is a bit bigger (10%?). the one that is bigger is also way more smelly, i hope that helps. I am asking because i would like to manifold it. :thanks:
  9. A

    FF Of 1.5cu ft or 12 qts - What's bigger?

    The prices wildly range from $11 a bag to $60+ a bag and I can't seem to figure out what's bigger or if they're the same so please excuse the dumb question lol
  10. M

    Hello new member here! Glad to be here

    hey guys, just wanted to join up and gain some knowledge on getting bigger yields from my grow. thanks!
  11. H

    Sulfur burn 4×4 tent

    Im looking for anyone with any experience or info with using a sulfur burner in a 4×4 tent. My current grow I have 4 plants scrogged under a 600watt hps. Im 37 days into flower. For the last week or so my humidity has been high 80's because I had a couple fans crap out on me and my new ones...
  12. G

    Grnwzrds - 315W CMH - Northern Lights - Coco Grow - Small Setup

    First off hello to everyone and i'm very excited about being on the forum, ive lurked around here for a bit and finally worked up the courage to join and post up a journal. My grow space is about 750mm in width,about 900 high and about 600mm deep. I'm using a ceramic metal halide philips...
  13. Justones

    Yellowing into flowering only 18 days

    FYI let me disclose this is my first time grow. I'm about 18 days into flowering & it's yellowing fast. I read that this will happen, thought it would be closer to the end though. From the bottom up. Lack of nitrogen is what I gather from reading. I got some blood meal & worked it into the...
  14. D

    Hey everyone - CFL grower

    Hi every one. This is my first post so I thought I would show use some pics of my current cfl grow. Tell me what you think, bigger plant is 7 weeks into veg smaller ones are 2 weeks veg. I am thinking that my bigger plant is male :(
  15. R

    Early Miss

    hey folks, I have 5 plants growing, they cracked the soil on 04 Jul. They have two small cotyledons and two serrated leaves. Biggest seedling is 2 inches smallest is 1. The serrated leaves are getting bigger. The grow box is 2 x 2 x 2 (will be moved when bigger) They are in transplant...
  16. P


    Hi all, does some one knows a recipe 4 buds 2 get em bigger ?
  17. P

    Get bigger buds

    Hey world, i need ur suport. How i can get bigger buds and better smell in home condition
  18. P


    Hey all, im wondering why my leafs are down ? Should i them stick lil bit up ? or just make cutting ? on the bigger leafs , i dont know what 2 do , need ur help . TNX
  19. L

    Bubba Kush Mother

    This is my Bubba Kush Katsu cut from Dr Greenthumb seeds. Going to let it get a bit bigger before I start pulling clones.
  20. H

    Site newbie

    Total newbie with this site, or blogging in general. In fact, I'm quite old fashion and prefer not to play around online, but it's the source of all my growing info. Brief background about me; I'm growing medical marijuana for my wife...currently beginning my 3rd grow from bagseed...I grow in...
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