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    Need Advice On Deficiency & Nute Burn

    Hi, This is my second try. I believe one of my babies shows deficiency and nute burn at the same time. The other one does just fine. They had the same amount of nutrients and light since day 1. The one on the right 3 times bigger. I don't know the strains, so if anyone can identify the strains...
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    Is it time to up-pot?

    Those are feminized non-Auto Somango, Northern Lights etc. This time I want to maximize growth by up-potting at the right time. Is it time to up-pot? The next bigger pot to the right, even bigger one (white pot) to the right as well. (Note that I topped the plants some weeks ago, so normally...
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    Flowering day 45 - Will these bulk up?

    Hi could anyone tell me if these should get any bigger, 79 days from seed day 45 flowering, all conditions are healthy but just under a T5 & 8 good CFL's. Can I expect bigger buds in the next 18 days or is this my lot? Thanks
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    Does this look normal? Martian Candy OG

    The top leaves of these 2 plants look a bit shriveled. Is this a sign of anything? These girls are about 2 months since clones and 4 ft tall. Everything else is going very well. Moving to bigger pots tomorrow for flowering. :cheer2: Other leaves look like this one here
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    AK 47 - Need suggestions

    Strain - AK47 # of Plants - 3 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative 2x 50 days from seed, one plant 35 days Bucket Size - 2x 5 litres, 1x 10litres Gallon Lights - 600 Watt HPS for 2 plants 3x 32 6500l cfls for 1 plant Medium - 70% soil 25% perlite 5% dolomite lime PPM - 500-1000 PH - 6.7 RH -...
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