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  1. Ron Strider

    UK: Seven Bin Bags Stuffed Full Of Cannabis Found At Side Of Road In North Yorkshire

    Seven bin bags packed full of cannabis were discovered lying at the side of the road by council workers. The surprising haul was found in North Yorkshire early on Sunday morning, the BBC reported. Local Harrogate police officer, PC Amanda Hanusch-Moore, tweeted a picture of the drug stash...
  2. H

    Bin Left Outside - Can I Still Make Soil In It For Indoor Grow?

    Hello, I made a batch of soil about a month ago and the bin has been left outside since then. There is still ice in it and some water and ground so the weather has been very cold... doubtful of any bugs but i don't know. I am going to be making more soil tomorrow and will be using this...
  3. AKgramma

    Rejuvenating Boveda packs?

    Can dried up Boveda 62 packs be rejuvenated? If so, how? The packs that were in the bottom of my leaf bin are flat and hard.