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  1. 420Amard

    Spart's Cream Caramel - Mars II 400W - BioBizz Loving Run

    Ladies and gentle stoners alike welcome to my third grow journal. :welcome::welcome: This journal will be my first led run from seed to flower so looking forward to seeing how this turns out. For those of you who don't me I love my Bio products and have been trying to make my grows as Bio as...
  2. D

    Lemon Kush - Yellow leaves - 4 week flowering - Please help

    Hi All - first time grow ever so I am a newb , just moved to CO and tired of ripp off dispensaries Here is a lil info - 4 weeks into flowering and have leaves turning yellow fast at bottom of plant - I am scared it will spread too quick ?!? -LED lighs -Lemon Kush - indica -Flowering - 4 weeks...