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  1. LoSBigBlue

    BigBlue's Organic Daiquiri Lime

    Dutch Passion Auto Daiquiri Lime Mars Hydro 70cm x 70cm x 160cm Tent Mars Hydro TS1000 LED Local 420 Organic Mix Medium 4 Nov - After wasting month and a half on shitty specials, 20% germination rate, (those that started were mutants right from the get go), I was able to get some Dutch Passion...
  2. J

    Advice needed autos

    Hi! So ive currently got 5 Barneys Farm skittles og autos and 1 tangerine dream auto. All in 11 liter pots with bio bizz light soil and ive got the bio bizz nutrients. Ive knocked my built in closet down and built a new stud wall to make a nice sized grow room. Ive white walled the room. Ive got...
  3. W

    New to this site

    Hi everyone im new to this site but been growing for years at the mo i have green Crack,amnesia,strawberry éclair and pineapple glue on the go. I'd be grateful for Any hints and tips. Looking forward to trading knowledge with fellow growers
  4. Sunbathing


    Cream Mandarine F1 version basking in the light.
  5. ItsTommyGunnz

    Another Year, Another Grow: Zkittlez Auto From FastBuds!

    That's right suns out, gunz out. Get ready, germination starts Thursday week 18/05/19! Growing a Zkittles Auto this year thanks to FastBuds.. and Seedsman, who I always order from! Check out there site always fast delivery and if you sign up the bonus points are a handy touch for anyone who buys...
  6. mcren

    MCren's Indoor Organic Grow

    hi everybody , ive been on 420mag for a while but didnt register , so first thread. please apologize my poor english , tryin to do my best. second grow for me but this time tried to document as much as i can at first for my self knowledge and tracking , but then decided to share, any comment...
  7. 3fingerdSean

    3FS 1st Biobizz Grow

    Details: Biobizz starter pack using their guide Water used 6.5 purified drinking Substrate is light mix Plants/Seeds are 1 Critical, 1 Brooklyn Sunrise , & 1 Gorilla Glue #4 -- All Autos All Light is a Timber cxb3590 3500 kelvin temp horticulture light that is dimmable from 30 to 300 watts...
  8. 420Amard

    Spart's Cream Caramel - Mars II 400W - BioBizz Loving Run

    Ladies and gentle stoners alike welcome to my third grow journal. :welcome::welcome: This journal will be my first led run from seed to flower so looking forward to seeing how this turns out. For those of you who don't me I love my Bio products and have been trying to make my grows as Bio as...
  9. D

    Lemon Kush - Yellow leaves - 4 week flowering - Please help

    Hi All - first time grow ever so I am a newb , just moved to CO and tired of ripp off dispensaries Here is a lil info - 4 weeks into flowering and have leaves turning yellow fast at bottom of plant - I am scared it will spread too quick ?!? -LED lighs -Lemon Kush - indica -Flowering - 4 weeks...
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