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  1. DutchGrower420

    Multiple Strains - Soil - Greenhouse & Outdoor - Mountain Grow - 2014

    Well… another year, another grow I guess :) I had a lot of fun documenting last year’s grow here on 420MAG, so for this season I’ll start a real Journal documenting my every move again for you guys. All winter long I wasn’t sure if I would do another grow this summer. Hiking up to my spots...
  2. mountaingoat

    Mountaingoat's Second Grow - CFL 200 Watt - Soil - High Defoliation

    Okay everyone here we go again! Second grow! :party: Like last time I will be growing inside this one 420 Magazine ® Will be using 200 watts CFL lights for both flowering and vegging, this accompanied with some serious defoliation and molasses will hopefully give some sweet buds. Light...
  3. T

    White Widow X Big Bud && Unknown

    Afternoon, I have been lurking (unregistered) around these forums for a few years, So today I decided I would actually post my own grow room. Anyway... I currently Have 5 Plants 1 Being a mother white widow (from her I have taken 9 cuttings) but I decided to flower her on the 14th of june as...
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