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  1. Justones

    Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk Feminized in perlite advice?

    Planning on doing an indoor 2.5 x 2.5 area grow. In a hempy bucket style with perlite. With a 300w led grow light. My previous grow was outdoors in a bucket using soil. I should state that on that grow. I studied what to look for from looking at plant leaves. I bought mostly separate supplies...
  2. K

    Stunted seedlings but look healthy?

    Hey all, I've got 2 seedlings that are growing extremely slow. They sprouted a month ago, and are now only 7-8 inches and only have 3-4 nodes. They are steadily growing but way too slow and still no branches. Also, they are autos, but are yet to show pistils :6:. Some info: Strain: Royal...
  3. T

    Plant probs - 1st timer - Hydro - Coco

    Suspected underwatering symptoms and maybe a touch of nute burn Happens every other day, some leaves look like they are starting to dry up, some even falling off when moved. Others are getting the burned tips, even the very top of a lot of new growth. I even watered down the last feeding a bit...
  4. C

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone I'm new to this so hope all goes well going to be browsing for a bit to get familiar any advise
  5. dadums

    Can't get cheaper than this

    Someone asked if these worked so since I has a CPU heat-sink laying around I bit and got it on Ebay for $2.80 420 Magazine ® Very bright
  6. K

    Once a lurker

    Out from the shadows, wanted to maybe post a bit. :thumb:
  7. G

    Best Strains for Outdoors in MA

    Massachusetts grower here. Have done a few indoor grows but since it's legal and I have a decent garden, I want to plant some crop in the great outdoors. I'd love to get some advice from seasoned outdoor growers about what strains will work well in our chaotic climate. I live on a big hill...
  8. G

    Best Strains for Outdoors in MA

    Please delete, I should not have posted this in the CK forum.
  9. flytier

    Working On My Stealth Grow

    This is the early stages of hiding my plants. It would probably be a little less noticeable if it wasn't in a 5 gallon bucket, but I'm trying to train it to stay as low as it can. Just growing some flowers and beans and stuff around it to divert a bit of the attention. A friend just brought me...
  10. M

    My first ever grow - How did I do?

    Taken a week too early, trichs are cloudy, I want a bit of amber really:
  11. NuttyProfessor

    SOG gone Pete Tong - Ideas welcome

    havnt a clue what to do , bitch keeps growing , ore light maybe and maybe lift the light that bit higher but id have to have it modify it a bit as its as high as it goes :oops:
  12. S

    Question regarding curing

    Hey guys, I have a question about curing. I grew two plants and staggered the harvest by only cutting off a bit at a time and allowing the rest to mature a bit more. Having done that, I became confused as to how long each batch dried. I'm positive that each batch had roughly 5-6 days to dry. Now...
  13. 4

    Yellowing leaves about 2 weeks from harvest

    (First Grow) Strain: NL auto Medium: Coco Lights: 96w T5s PH: About 6.2 Temps/RH: 80F average / 50-60% RH Nutrients: Chilli nutes (see pic), Canna PK 13/14 and was using Canna Boost but stopped due to nute burn I was going to just update my journal but thought I'd post over here...
  14. F

    Calcium defeciency?

    Not sure what this is... it's taking out a good bit of my smaller fan leaves though. Leaves start off lookin' good, then brown edges and little spots on 'em. A couple days later and they're crispy critters, you tap em and they fall off :(. Hope I can get this resolved before it gets any...
  15. HighFisher

    Hello! 420

    Hi everyone. I am not only new here but also new to growing. My research has led me here and from browsing around a bit it looks like I can learn a lot from the 420 members. Looking forward to being part of the community.
  16. P

    Hello & needing assistance with my first go

    Having trouble guys sexing my plants...think they may be female but not sure.... Also, have pics but cannot work out how to load them....looking a bit stressed at the moment with yellow leaves. Anyone be kind enough to help me load some?
  17. G

    Drooping leaves

    Coco grow Strain - Blue Dream x3 (seed), shining silver haze x1 (clone) Grow Type - Coco (buffed) 65%, Perlite 25%, Clay pebbles 10% Pots - 11l (3 gallons) Grow stage - Early veg Light - 250w HPS Air cooled Nutrients - General Hydroponics + Cal/mag PH - 5.8 - 6.5 RH - 40% - 50%...
  18. C

    Drying in Low Humidity?

    Hey guys on the 16th I harvested 2 Dutch Treat plants and just removed the fans and hung dry. My concern is that the room they are in is 70-75f with a RH of 25-35% so after about 4 days of drying now they are dry to the touch and smokeable(and some of the best weed I've ever smoked!), but the...
  19. OldSchool 64

    Oldschool's - Crop King Seeds Auto Grow

    Just poped Candycane. Northern lights. Trainwreck. .2 plants per pot..we shall see how they do doubled up..experimenting a bit..sub on up. Lots of grows going on here....
  20. T

    Nutes - Confused lol

    I've been using the canna grow guide but want to try go off this a bit and try out other stuff so bought some 'AN big bud' I'm I right in thinking I can use this with canna a&b, with a bit of boost and calmag? Or can I drop the a&b? I have been reading up on nutes but still a bit...
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