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  1. Cannapot

    New Philosopher Seeds - Bitcoin & Mastercard / Visa Update Payment System

    Hi there :Namaste: We have new cannabisseeds by breeder Philosopher Seeds - we now offer the MixPacks here: Philosopher Seeds MixPack : buy cannabisseeds - Cannapot We also can provide you with the big packs with 25 feminized weedseeds by Philosopher: Philosopher Seeds 25 fem ...
  2. Gorilla Seeds

    Gorilla Seeds - 20% Off Bitcoin Orders Plus Free Gift

    I just noticed that they've added a new discount for bitcoin customers AND a free gift pack. I don't know what's in the gift pack, or how long this will last, but that's a pretty good deal - and I think you should still be able to use the CTC code to get some more freebies. If anyone wants...