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black cream

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    Is my plant ready to harvest or give it another week?

    Hey guys! I am into day 65 of my black cream autoflowers. I have got 4 of them. I grew them under a 400 watt hps growlight. And then switched to a 600 watt flowering light 1 of them is bigger then the others and has the whitest hairs. I grew them in coco with perlite. And used pokon...
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    Black Cream Autoflower/ LED grow

    Well..... So far so good. This is just one of my Black Creams. I have now done 8 different Auto strains under full LED. This is 35 days today from sprout, using only FFOF and PH water. I you read the description in the gallery it will tell you a lot more, I just didn't feel like doing all this...
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