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black diamond

  1. Network23

    Ben's Horus CXB 200 Vs Black Diamond Goliath

    Hello everybody! :35: Please excuse my bad english :thanks: Just recently, I've been burn-free for a year, and I just vaporize with my Mighty from Storz & Bickel. Before that I was a 24/7 bong smoker. Herewith I make my first experiments with LEDs. Before that, I have grown with Dimlux...
  2. LEDRF

    Perfect Sun LED - Higher Par Than 1000w HPS - Save $50 - Q&A

    Hey, so I've been working hard to get the new Perfect Sun COB to the market, and it is finally here. I also have a $50 discount for you guys. Black Diamond LED grow lights Perfect Sun This light is amazing. It covers 4x4 with the same average umols as a 1000w HPS, and has a more efficient...