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black diesel

  1. mojo89

    Is my white Widow and Black Diesel ready to chop?

    please can anyone help me i dont know if these are ready but they been in flower for 9 weeks! iv started to give them ice water
  2. mojo89

    Urgent! White Widow and Black Diesel ready?

    please let me know if these are ready to harvest , i starting to give them ice water. changed to 12/12 9 weeks ago
  3. mojo89

    White widow and black diesel 250w hps grow

    Nearly 2 weeks into flowering :) coming along nicely any advise would be much appreciated :) scottish
  4. W

    2nd CFL Grow DWC Black Diesel Feminized

    2nd grow using a bucket dwc (6) 23 watt daylight bulbs,(2) 23 watt soft white bulbs,(1) 42 watt,(2) 68 watt im using GH Flora Nova I used GH flora grow for veg vegged for 6 weeks plan to flower for 8 weeks Turned the lights to 12/12 on march 23 here somes pics let me know what you guys...
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