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black domina

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    More kush anyone or @[263335:@Pennywise] Thanks for sticking beside me and being you man. I’m so greatful to have met you and this family here . Thanks for of your acceptance family ✊ OutKast not here .
  2. F

    FlavoursUk Coco Coir Black Domina Grow Journal

    Hi all and :welcome: to my second grow journal. I Will be keeping you all updated regularly on how im getting on as long as you all stay tuned. :thumb: Strain - Black Domina Indica 95% Veg or Flower stage? Veg. If in Veg... For how long? 3 weeks and 4 days. Indoor or outdoor? Indoor...
  3. Lester Freeman

    Nirvana's Blackberry - Strain Review

    sativa Blackberry Strain lineage? Black Domina x Raspberry Cough (sativa dominant) From? Our sponsor, Herbies Headshop Type? Contrary to what most people think of when they hear Blackberry (the kush version that is more indica), this strain is a highly exotic sativa dominant hybrid...
  4. M

    Black Dominas - What kind of disease?

    What happens, anybody an idea? Altogether there are 4 Black Dominas in the grow tent, since 18 days 12/12 Till now I asked a lot of people in different blogs, in different countries, but nobody knows what this coud be. Maybe here? Pls I need help. Thanks Greetings from Germany
  5. J

    1st Grow Journal - 2nd Grow Altogether - Help Appreciated

    Hello, this is my first grow journal, and my 2nd grow altogether. My first grow consisted of 1 Black Domina (Female) 1 Tahoe OG (Female, stressed to hermie ( :oops: )) and a 3 week later addition Sour Diesel (Female). All three of those were from seed, I was very thankful for the female turn...
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