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black indica

  1. Black Indica Flower

    Black Indica Flower

    Current progress of my plants.
  2. Black Indica Flowering

    Black Indica Flowering

    Moving into the flowering stage :)
  3. Black Indica Month One.

    Black Indica Month One.

    DragonsFire First Grow
  4. kingfisher

    Black Indica 4X4 Tent LED 7 Gallon Fabric Pot FF Soil & Fertilizer

    LED 100x3w + 8x10w CREE XM-L2 - soil mix FFHG/FFOF and some perlite. Use FF fertilizer - 1/2 to 3/4 strength. 8-24-17 drop 13 seeds in cup distilled water - germination one day 2 days later transplanted to 12 cups soil, 4 sprout next day, all by 3 days. Under a T5 fluorescent lamp. 9-15-17...
  5. L

    Black Indica - Closet Grow 5' X 3' VipreSpectra 450 Reflector Series

    I am about to clear out my space for my first grow in a few years. Previous attempt I used three 40w cfl's - two plants, one broke off the top and re-rooted = three sativas (miraculously) Got about 3oz of dried flowers. This time I got high end seeds , Seed King Black Indica. (last...
  6. R

    Black Indica - CKS

    This is my first grow journal. Crop King Seeds - Black Indica Here is the information for this strain: THC%: 12.94% Laboratory Report THC Chart CBD: 2.5% Laboratory Report CBD Chart CBN: 1.0% Laboratory Report Genetics: Pure Kush X Afghan Using a (250W) HPS to flower a 2x2 space. Using a...
  7. D

    Leaf discoloration - What deficiency is this?

    My Black Indica clone was doing superb until 2 weeks ago. A slight discoloration began at the lowest part of the stem leaves. I watched to see if it would go away and keep an eye on my feed/nutes and watering. I did overwater it once, and also used some Hydrogen Peroxide to aerate the soil a...