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black jack

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    Mr Stinky's - First Soil Grow - T5/HID - Grow Tents -BlackJack (F) + Sativa/Indica

    HELLO ALL:welcome: This is my first real attempt at growing the Almighty Ganja! Iv been doing quite a bit of research lately and I think im finally ready to put my knowledge to work. Feel free to give advice. Always open for experienced grow advice. @ What strain is it? 1. Black Jack...
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    Black Jack and Ice

    4th grow - soil - indoor - This time around I am thinking about growing blackjack and ice. Has anyone grown these before? If so, how did it go? Any recommendations? :Namaste:
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    Second Grow - Deep Water Culture, 400w, Black Jack and Friends

    Hi all, Starting my second grow tonight. My first grow was 3 fem Purple Wreck. I used CFLs, Deep Water Culture in a 2x3 space. I got a pretty crappy yield of 49.5 grams plus 2 gallon sized ziplocks bags of trim leaves for cannabutter. The bud smokes very smoothly and I made a great batch of...
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