black widow

  1. Aedifex

    Completed First Grow

    Seeds: Black Widow, Chronic, AK47-Xtrm, Alien OG Setup: Humidifier fed fog boxes (I actually created this setup before I realized it is already being done; fogoponics) I ended up buying House Of Hydro, single disc foggers, for easy setup. - 3x1.5 plastic totes - 6" hydro baskets - 4x4x7 tent...
  2. LilManBudz

    Completed Mr Nice - Black Widow

    Hi again all, Thought I should start a new journal since I just got new seeds from a new seed bank! Demon seeds have sent me a lovely baseball cap (it's actually really plush and nice, worth more than the cost of postage around here!) and concealed inside where 7 little seeds for me... I have...
  3. MOMO420

    1st-Time LED grower here

    Hello all! i'm basically a 1st-time grower (Have experimented in the past but what i have going now is the real deal). Been addicted to this site cuz of all the good info from the community of growers. Really appreciate everybodys insight! The post/journal of my garden is in my Sig. Would love...
  4. MOMO420

    Completed 1st Grow: Midnight Kush, Black Widow, Cream Caramel, etc.

    So, i have 8 plants that are 4 weeks into Flowering. Got 3 Midnight Kush, 2 Cream Caramel, Warlock, Chronic, & a Black Widow. & 8 clones, 1 of each. About 4 weeks ago, i switched from a 400-watt light to LEDs. Started off with 2 UFOs, now i have 6. Ok, guess that's the basics. Gonna show u...
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