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    Lazy, but putting on weight / leaves getting bigger
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    Sour diesel and Blackberry Moonrocks
  4. Gandalfthewhite

    Gandalfthewhite's Adventure Into LED - Sponsored By Mars Hydro With The FC3000

    Hello everyone :ciao: Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to @Mars Hydro for Sponsoring this grow and for the opportunity to try out some new tech :thanks: This will be my first grow using LED all the way through. I have used them previously for flowering but now with my new Mars Hydro...
  5. Bnizl3

    Bnizl3’s Indoor RDWC- Clay Pebbles: 2022 Kush Fruity Mix Pack Grow Journal

    Kush-Fruity Mix Pack Planted 3/5/2022 Banana Kush-Ending seedling 3/5/22 60% Indica 40% Sativa Mango Kush-Ending Seedling 3/5/22 65% Indica 35% Sativa Blackberry Kush-7 day old seedling 3/12/22 80% Indica 20% Sativa Indoor 3 pot system with res, Rwdc system 4x2x6. Clay...
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    Done or.not
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    Blackberry auto
  8. S

    Autoflower Blackberry Problem

    what is wrong with the plant, it been like this since germination. Some kind of genetic mutation? the plant is also the biggest of the bunch but recently the leaves started to curl inwards. the leaves are fragile as they ware from germenation. i use cana pro perlite, rockwools cube.
  9. TheFertilizer

    Constant problems with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

    I just can't seem to keep my Platinum Girl Scout Cookies nice and green. I can't seem to get a feel for what the problem is... Too little nutrients, too many, pH, environment, in fact whenever I grow Blackberry Kush in the exact same conditions, nutrient amounts, etc. they always do terrific...
  10. mehlol

    Abandoned 1st Grow - BlackBerry & NLxBB Auto - T5

    Hey everyone thanks for stopping in to check out my 1st grow! I'm 25 days in from planting right now, decided to post for any feedback/help Seeds - 3 Fast Buds Blackberry, 1 World of Seeds Northern Lights x Big Bud (freebie) Lights - 4' T5 4 6500k HO bulbs Soil - FFOF with added perlite Nutes -...
  11. mehlol

    New Grower - Am I LSTing Properly?

    Growing 4 blackberry auto and 1 Northern Lights x Big Bud auto Plant to the left is the NLxBB, other 3 are blackberry 2 of the blackberry have gotten much taller than the other 2 plants All of them are 25 days from planting These are under a 4' 4 bulb t5 6500k about 2-3 inches from plant...
  12. calicanna143

    Completed Nirvana Blackberry Grow

    I thought somebody might be wanting to see this strain from nirvana so thought id share with you. First time posting and not sure if I added pic correctly, this is my blackberry from nirvana on right and left front and a blue dream in back. Week 6 from seed and I'm very happy with what I see so...
  13. TheFertilizer

    Blackberry Kush

    Blackberry Kush Lineage: Blackberry x Afghani (some say Blackberry x Purple Urkle) Type: Indica dominant From: S2 bagseed Smell: Very fruity, not very pungent Taste: Sweet and almost fruity Type of buzz: Onset is very fast, effects felt in the head (cerebral effects and a fuzzy...
  14. B

    Abandoned Bstew's - 600W HPS - Aurora Indica & Blackberry - Growapalooza

    Sup everybody? So I finally decided to get a proper set up. I've grown in the past but just used bag seed and cfl lighting. My set up is as follows: Tent: 4x4x7 Lightning: 600 watt hps for flower and 600w metal halide for veg. Digilux digital ballast, big Kahana air cooled hood...
  15. S

    Automatic Blackberry Kush

    Hello Newbie here from Scotland , just thought I'd say hi. First Time grower with automatic blackberry kush. I have biobizz all mix soil Bio bizz feed and booster And all the rest of equipment Just looking for some tips Also planning growing on 18/6 cycle , with inline 4" fan...
  16. TheFertilizer

    Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, Heavy Duty Fruity, Blackberry Kush & Frankenberry

    So I have got some seeds from local sources... 10 Blackberry Kush 3 Frankenberry 20 Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (feminized) And I can get Heavy Duty Fruity for 2 bucks a seed. I paid 3 a piece for the PGSC and the Blackberry Kush and Frankenberry were free. So I am excited and not...
  17. Greenethumb42

    Blackberry Kush

    Cut her down yesterday..she went 11 weeks flower and she turned out nice..I have a bud I took off before I cut her down..I have it in a mason jar and when you open the jar it smells like blackberry lickerish
  18. immer

    Blackberry strain harvest

    Hi guys, This is my second grow and I'm near harvest time. The strain is Blacberry. Even though she's a sativa dominant, she grew like a bomb, and she's in 4 weeks flowering. Doing beautiful. A really happy girl. The method I used was 12/12 from seed, and I leaved her go on her own wild way...
  19. KrissK70

    Abandoned Blackberry Grow Journal

    This is my first journal so any help would be greatly appreciated. Got seeds through Dope-seeds from this site and they arrived on Thursday. Have got 4 germinating at the moment and all have cracked. Blackberry’s mother, Black Domino, was a clone sent to the Netherlands from the area around...
  20. KrissK70

    Has anybody grown Blackberry?

    Hello 420 Community, Am new to site and have ordered some Blackberry seeds from dope-seeds in the UK. I was hoping someone could help me with a bit of growing advice and if they had any relevant pictures. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks from an Australian grower...
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